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Skyrocket Your Child’s Success With Our Home Tuition-Coaching Programme

Dear Parent,


As a parent, you always want the best for your child. And as someone who is determined to help your child succeed, you won’t believe what we have in store for you today!

What we’re about to share could potentially change your child's life for the better regardless of his/her academic standing.

We urge you to keep an open mind while reading this as this may potentially be what your child needs.

Let's begin!


Why Are Some Students More Successful Than Others?

We discovered that if you could find out what made a top student successful, you can be successful too.

And the reason is... they possess the critical skills to excel over the rest.

Our Home Tuition-Coaching Programme will not only help your child improve academically, it also aims to instil in your child the skills that those top students have.

In short, we are developing your child to be a top student.

And the best part is... once your child has these skillshe/she can duplicate success over and over again...

...without relying heavily on home tuition.


What Our Home Tuition-Coaching Programme Has To Offer

Like many other Home Tuition Agencies, we also provide home tuition…

…and something more: coaching (outside tuition hours).

And the good news is we charge in accordance to the market rate for home tuition services!

*Prices may vary

The home tuition element will cover the academic aspect while the coaching element will cover the “skills” aspect, the skills that top students possess that enables them to succeed.

So, you may be wondering…


Why Is Coaching Necessary?

There are many students with a ton of potential to succeed but there may be something holding him/her back.

Fear, anxiety and trauma are some of the common causes that hold a student back.

Our coaches are adept at finding and releasing those shackles. And once they do, it’s off to the races.

Furthermore, our coaches will teach them the skills that will enable them to multiply their results!

And the best parts are… these skills are lifelong, will never become obsolete and can be used to excel in the workplace and their personal life.


What Are the Benefits of Our Home Tuition-Coaching Programme

When we integrate both tuition and coaching, the effects are ten-fold. Here are some of the benefits your child will receive…

Your child...

...will be a more motivated learner.

...will be able to learn more efficiently.

...will be a leader among his/her peers.

...will score higher grades for tests and exams.

...and etc.


Both tuition and coaching takes time. Consistent efforts are needed in order for it to be highly effective.

You may have heard that it’s more effective to spend 30 minutes learning the piano for 4 days a week rather than spending 2 hours learning the piano once a week.

It’s true and we hold this principle to heart.

Besides tuition, we will coach your child almost daily, holding him/her accountable to follow through and apply what we taught, and we will also monitor and track his/her progress at the same time.


The Goal of Our Home Tuition-Coaching Programme

Home tuition is a means to an end. One of our goals is that after going through our programme for a year or so, your child may not need home tuition anymore.

Your child could probably resonate with this as there are top students in his/her school that still excel without the help of tuition.

That could be achieved through our Home Tuition-Coaching programme.

Reason being, those top students have the skills that we're planning to instil in your child.

Imagine how it would affect your child's future if we could instil the skills all the top students possess.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

We hope that you understand what we have to offer and we are confident you will make the right decision for your child.

We also recommend that whatever your decision is, it is more beneficial to start as early as possible to give your child a head start over the rest.


If you feel we are the right agency for you, call us now at 6817 8953 to enrol your child in our programme.

We will be more than happy to serve you!


To your success,

Abu Bakar

Co-Founder and Marketing Director of ReflecJoy Home Tuition & Personal Development

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will this programme work for my child? +

Yes, improvements can be seen within a few weeks.

What if there's an issue I need to clarify or I'm unsure of? +

You can contact us through phone, Whatsapp or email if you have any questions.

What if I'm unsatisfied with the results? +

Feel free to contact us if there's any part of the programme that you're unsatisfied about and we'll do our best to rectify the problem.

During the Coaching session, what does my child have to do? +

Like learning any skill, there is work involved.

Your child will have to follow our proven step-by-step system and we will hold them accountable to ensure that they follow it. Furthermore, we will also follow up and monitor their progress along the way.