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If your answer is yes, we can help you. Get the benefits of 2 programs for the price of a monthly home tuition fee! This offer is for a limited time period.

Our price is competitive (based on the market price for home tuition)

ReflecJoy© Home Tuition

Our Home Tuition Package consists of a proven system that has produced results for 20 years. Not only that, we have recently added some extra features for maximum results!

Life Skills Coaching

Our Life Skills Coaching Package consists of proven skills that will enable students to succeed in school and life.

Our Tutors

All of our tutors are fully screened, trained and managed.

All of our tutors follow our Twelve Key Learning Strategies. As with most good tutors their main goal is to answer questions, fill in the learning gaps, and help the student master the subject.

However our tutors will go a step further and teach students powerful learning strategies, so they will become effective independent learners, even after the students stopped taking home tuition.

One question surfaced that we can't possibly ignore, "I have been taking home tuition for my child year after year. But I just can't stop the home tuition because I'm afraid my child's grades will slide back down."

An analogy we use for this is training a child to ride a bicycle with training wheels. It may help at the start but the child is not going to fully learn to ride a bicycle with the training wheels still attached.

Our Home Tuition and Life Skills Coaching goes to the root of the problem by slowly releasing the student's training wheels until they are able to ride a bicycle without training wheels or in our case, the student won't need home tuition anymore.

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"My tutor was fantastic! He was very helpful and able to break it down to where I could understand and follow along. I can't thank you enough!" - S. Shah

"What I really like about your service is that you didn't do my son's homework for him... You showed him how to solve it on his own, and to become an independent learner." - Mdm C. Goh

"Thanks to your program, my son actually looks forward to his Math homework! Contacting ReflecJoy is one of the smartest things I have ever done." - Mrs. Siti

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q.Do I call you during our consultation period?

    A.We will call you based on the timing you have scheduled with us. Also, we will send you a text via SMS 5 minutes before your consultation timing to let you know that we will be calling soon.

  • Q.Can I choose other ways to contact you during the consultation?

    A.Yes, you can. There is an option that you could choose to contact us: Call, Whatsapp or Live Chat. You can indicate your preference when you are scheduling your consultation timing.

  • Q.What happens if I miss my consultation?

    A.We will usually send out a text to you saying, “Hello ____, we have tried contacting you but you were unavailable. If you would like to schedule another consultation with us, you could visit www.reflecjoy.com. Thank you for using our services.”

  • Q.Can I cancel or reschedule my consultation?

    A.Yes you can. You are able to cancel or reschedule your consultation from the confirmation email we send to you after you have scheduled a consultation with us.

  • Q.How long would the consultation take?

    A.It usually takes around 10-15 minutes. But if need be, you can consult us for up to 30 minutes.

  • Q.How do I do my consultation via Live Chat?

    A.You can visit our website and type in the live chat, “I am here for my consultation”.

  • Q.Do I have to buy after consulting you?

    A.You are not obliged to buy at all! We understand that you may have to check with your spouse or child, or even other home tuition services in the market.

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About Me

Hi there. My name is Abu Bakar. I am the Co-Founder of ReflecJoy. I have seen my close friends struggle in school and it saddens me that I wasn't able to help them at that time. So, fast forward to today, I have made it my mission to help as many students as possible to thrive, conquer and prosper in school.

P.S. Come! Join many other parents just like you that have used our service. Do this once and have your child set for life. It will not only save you time but money as well!

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