About Me

Meet Abu Bakar, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of ReflecJoy Home Tuition & Coaching


Hi there, my name is Abu Bakar (or Abu for short). I am currently 22 years old and I'm the Co-Founder and Marketing Director of ReflecJoy Home Tuition & Coaching.

Below is my story on how I fight through struggles and hardships to get ReflecJoy Home Tuition and Coaching to where it is today.

Happy reading!

I was a below average to average student my entire life.

And as we all know, in Singapore, grades determine the type of job, amount of pay and quality of life you have.

Sadly, I learned that the hard way.


Full of Regrets

When I think back to my time in school, I am full of regrets. I knew I could do better, study longer, practice more… but what’s done is done.

I can’t change my past.

But I wasn’t going to let the same thing happen when I go to university. So, I read books, research on the internet and bought online study courses. And one day, I realised something…

If I could find what made other students successful, I could be just as successful as them.


Standing at Crossroads

I recalled back to my time in school. I thought about the friends I made there.

They were all good people... and they all had big dreams.

But their grades were holding them back from achieving their big dreams. They could be taking the course of their choice in the most prestigious schools in Singapore if it were not for their grades.

I even had a friend who is struggling to find a full-time job for more than a year! And she admitted that it is because she didn't do well in her degree.

I am certain that there are many other students facing the same type of situation as my friends did.

Deep inside, I knew I had to help these students.

But… I was afraid. It was a lot easier to go to university, get a degree and get a job because if I fail… it would affect my family financially as my parents are in their 50s and retirement is near.

But if I succeed… I could improve the lives of hundreds and thousands of students.


The Decision

I chose to delay my studies to help other students. At first, I doubt my decision and other people did too.

But deep down, I felt it is the right thing to do.


There Has to Be a Better Way

The question I kept asking myself is, “How can I create a lasting impact on the students’ lives?”

It wasn’t easy to make home tuition better as it has been the same for almost 2 decades.

And finally, I found the missing piece... Coaching.

I found that through Coaching, students can be taught the skills to do well not only in school but also in life. And these skills are not exactly taught in school.

However, it is very useful for those who want to do well in their workplace and in their personal life.

From that discovery, I knew I was really on to something big.


Faced With More Obstacles

It wasn't easy.

I had no experience. I had a bit of money saved up. And lastly, I had an idea.

But I knew I couldn't give up. I have to help those students whose future are at stake.

And with some help from others, we managed to build ReflecJoy Home Tuition & Coaching from the ground up. Yes, we had a few people, a bit of money and an idea... but we compensate it with our determination.

Even though we got lost along the way, lost some money and lost a lot of precious time... in the end we made it.

It was truly a scary but exciting ride of my life.


How We Plan on Making a Difference

We treat every student, parent and tutor that comes to ReflecJoy like one of our own.

And just like the relationship of a parent and a child, the parent wants the child to do well in life, even if the parent has to sacrifice his/her well-being in order for their child to grow.

We hold this principle to heart.

We feel guilty if the student is not able to achieve his/her dreams, in school and life. In fact, we will feel like a failure!

That's why we will not leave it up to the tutor and parent to shoulder all the responsibility as we believe the more involved we are with the tutor, student and parents, the better off the student will be, knowing that we are here to support him/her in his journey.


Our Beliefs

Over time, we developed our own beliefs:

  1. Education serves as a foundation to a better future.
  2. Achieving success in school and life is achievable, not impossible.
  3. Many students settle for less because they didn’t believe they have what it takes to achieve more.
  4. When we help a student succeed, their family, community and society will be better off because of it.
  5. Once the student has the necessary skills to do well in school and life, he/she can use it to duplicate success over and over again.


Our Values

  1. Passion – We are passionate about helping students do well and improve their lives for the better.
  2. Service-Oriented – Students, parents and tutors are very dear to us. We strive for an open and honest communication between all parties and we are always open to feedback to better cater to your needs.
  3. Innovation – We are continuously seeking newer and better ways to make success more certain for the students.