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Look no further! We provide you with Home Tuition... and more! Our Home Tuition-Coaching Programme combines both Home Tuition and Coaching into 1 package. And the best part is... you get both for the price of 1!

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Why ReflecJoy?

We aim for RESULTS!

That's all we care about: RESULTS for your child! No stylish features, no unnecessary things, just results!

The best part is... we will do the work for you!

The results are long-term!

Our programme does 2 things: 1) Helps your child do well in school and life and 2) Teaches your child how to study on their own.

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You can track your child's progress!

Want to know how well your child is doing in school? Now, you can!

You will receive a report every month regarding your child's progress in his/her subject through our online platform.

Ease of Communication.

You and your child can communicate with your tutor or us easily through our online platform via PC, laptop or our mobile app! Even your child's progress reports, results, documents... ANYTHING can be stored and done in one place!

If you have any issues, feedback or questions regarding your Home Tuition-Coaching assignment, you can just message us online and we will get back to you!

An example of what you will be getting.

Home Tuition Agency X
  • A Qualified Home Tutor
What Other Tuition Agencies Offer
ReflecJoy Home Tuition & Coaching
  • A Qualified Home Tutor
  • Coaching
  • Online Platform for Ease of Communication Between All Parties
  • Monthly Progress Report for Parents to Track Their Child's Progress
  • Unlimited Customer Support
What You Will Get from ReflecJoy

Home Tuition-Coaching Programme Hourly Rates

If you are unsure about our prices, this is it! There are NO EXTRA CHARGES! It is the same as paying for your previous home tuition assignments.  And yes... you will still get both Home Tuition and Coaching for the price of 1, as promised!

The difference is you are getting more than just tuition. You will also be getting Coaching, monthly reports, access to our online platform, etc.

You can't find this type of deal anywhere else!

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No obligations!