It Doesn't Matter Where Your Child Is Starting From; With The Right Habits, The Sky Really Is The Limit.

Our one-on-one coaching and training program identifies and attacks the root of the problem: the shackles that prevent your child from running and skyrocketing his results. And once we release it, he is off to the races.

Like making a pizza. First, get the recipe. And once you know the recipe, you can follow it step-by-step until you get the pizza that you wanted! It is the same for school success. Once your child knows what the best students do to achieve good grades, confidence and happiness in school, he can follow it step-by-step and get the same results as them!

In order to change our children's future for the better, we must first alter his thoughts in the present.

For every positive seed we plant, our thoughts will grow and reward us with a positive harvest. Negative seeds have the opposite effect. They'll grow, but result in a spoiled and fruitless crop. We can't plant negative seeds in our mind and expect positive results. It just doesn't work that way.

Why Are Some Students More Successful Than Others?

In almost all classroom with the same teachers, the same curriculum and the same learning materials, you’ll find that students' results vary greatly. Only a very small number of students in the class consistently outperform the others. The difference? It is in the students' positive habits. Could it just be the positive habits? It can. But it’s not just having the positive habits. It’s avoiding negative habits, too. Underachieving students are just as skilled, only they’re skilled at avoiding success by engaging in poor habits.

Most of us were either taught or came to believe that success in school is a rare combination of talents that only a few children are lucky enough to be born with. As explained above, it’s not true. They do well because they have learned and practiced specific proven skills over and over again until it becomes a habit. Over time, it’s the students' positive habits that ultimately determine their success in school.

Notice the word “skills.” Skills are something acquired. Skills for success in school and life are learned and practiced over time until it becomes habit i.e. automatic and easy for your child. This is what our program is designed to accomplish.

Secondly, learning these skills is like learning how to ride a bicycle. If your child can learn how to ride a bicycle, he can also learn how to get good grades and do well later in life! And the best part is… we will do it for you!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” –Aristotle

The dictionary defines a habit as “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”. So, a habit is just something that your child does regularly. He does it with little mental effort, like brushing his teeth.

Your Child's Success In School And Also Later Life Is All About His Habits!

How your child goes about his daily routines at school and at home ultimately determines his success at school and later life. How can he fills his life with skills that ensure he is performing to the best of his ability? How can he create the success that every student truly desire? The answer is to form empowering habits that ensure he becomes an independent, resilient, focused, mature and successful learner. This will lead to academic success which increases his confidence and provides for a greater number of opportunities later in life.

Ask Yourself These Two Questions:

Your answers will help you determine if your child is on track to reaching his academic goals.
  • "If an invisible person followed your child around all day, what would they see?"

    Would they see your child wasting a lot of time? Would they see him working at his goals? Would they see someone that is just going through the motions?

    Our lives are largely the result of the actions that we take each day. Is your child taking actions that move him forward to success in school or is he engaged in time-wasting, worthless activity?

    What would that invisible person logically conclude about him, his life, and his future?

  • "If your child lived that average day, every day, for the next 5 years, what is the logical outcome?"

    So if your child kept living his average day over and over, where is his life likely to end up? Now compare that logical conclusion with the life you’d like to have for your child i.e. success in school. How close are they?

    Is he likely to end up where you want him to be academically? Is he currently taking consistent action to have the academic success he desire? What does he need to do on a consistent basis to achieve the grades he hope for? If he want to be happy, confident and successful student, then his daily actions need to reflect that.

Students Largely Fail To End Up Where They Wish To Be For Two Reasons:

  • Students have no idea where they’re going.

    Your child can’t get there if he doesn’t know the destination. If he doesn’t has a plan, he must live by default, sitting around until something goes wrong and then spending his energy fixing the issue. Alternatively, if he spends his energy driving towards something, he’ll eventually get there.

  • Students don't do the things each day that will create the life they want.

    Your can’t wish his way to success. Success in school is the result of making positive decisions and taking actions that reflect those decisions.

Ask yourself the two questions above. You might be shocked when you really look at your child's average day and realize where he is likely to end up as a result of doing those same things every day. It doesn’t take a lot to be very successful, but it does take consistency.

For instance, imagine if you did 1 pushup every day this week and added 1 pushup a week. In 5 years you would be doing 250 pushups a day and you would never struggle for a minute.

In the same way, establishing daily habits that move your child forwards toward achieving his academic goals will result in his success.

Help Your Child Excel

  • Give Your Child A Precious Gift That Lasts A Lifetime With 'Success In School And Life' Habits!

    School is important in many ways. Children not only develop academically and intellectually, but they also develop socially as they learn to deal with challenging situations. Kids that do well in all aspects of school tend to be more successful. Children that struggle often lack the same skills and opportunities later in life.

    Since there is a tremendous responsibility as a parent to ensure that your child is excel in all aspects of an academic setting, we would like to help you (with our proven process) ensure your child is set up to be successful academically and socially.

    As you know, success in school is helpful later in life. Good academic performance provides a great range of options in the future. Social success ensures that your child is able to make friends and work with others successfully both at school and later life.

    Success tends to breed success. You can make the effort to support your child’s schooling through our program. Let them know that it’s important and you care. This is one way to have a huge impact on the quality of their lives now and forever.

Your Child's Potential Is Unlimited! 

There Is No Doubt That Your Child's Habits Is Excellent Predictors Of His Current And Future Circumstances. The Things He Does Each Day Matter In A Big Way.

At ReflecJoy, we have the step-by-step “recipe” to help any student get good grades in school and do well later in life! Our one-on-one coaching and training will help your child to develop the habits that the best students have. With these habits, he can achieve academic success (without needing any tuition). And he can also use these same habits to achieve success at work (in the future).

Seeing your child thrives in school can be one of your life’s greatest satisfactions, and also you will be rewarded with joy and pride as your child grows into capable, confident and responsible adults.

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